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Tackling Tax Paperwork

You know what they say about death and taxes, right? April 15th is as unavoidable as seeing a Kardashian on a check-out line magazine cover. So what are you waiting for? Time to get your tax papers in order.

Corraling Paperwork

The tax code may be complicated but getting ready to file your taxes needn't be. We like the simple, three-folder solution suggested by leading investment site the Motley Grab three folders, label them "income," "expenses and deductions," and "investments" and use the folders year-round to corral paperwork. For easy filing come April, keep a blank sheet of paper in your income folder and note all income sources as they occur. By keeping a running tab, you'll save time later. If you're late to the game and haven't been organizing on an on-going basis, set aside 15 minutes a day to sift through and order your paperwork.

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Organize Gear For Winter Fun

Nothing derails the fun of a snowy, winter day faster than a missing mitten. And arriving at the mountain with one ski pole instead of two? Big bummer. Take time to organize yourself for maximum winter fun.

Winter Staples: Cold winter weather means wintry ailments like the flu, chapped lips and runny noses. Stock up essentials like chapsticks and tissues online. And be sure to stockpile necessary meds such as fever reducers, sore throat lozenges and cough syrups before illness strikes; dragging your feverish self to the pharmacy is never fun. Consider purchasing travel sizes of chapsticks, hand cream and tissues to keep in your hand bags or the car so you're never caught unprotected.

Winter Bag: If your family skies (or ice skates, sleds, etc,) create a designated to-go bag for every member of the family. Store hats, scarves, gloves and ski or skate passes and other must-have items here. Don't forget the sunblock! Sun exposure during skiing and skating can take a toll on unprotected skin. Take time to restock the bag after each use, so when you get an unexpected snowfall, you're ready to hit the slopes, confident that all your needs are close at hand.

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